Find out your foot number

In order not to make a mistake when choosing the number of your Zirinas, you can measure your foot as indicated below:

  1. Stand against the wall barefoot on a sheet of paper with your feet together
  2. With a pencil mark the distance of the longest toe you have, it can be the thumb or the index and you may have the longest toe on one foot than on the other. Ask for help if you need it, but don't fall!
  3. With a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance in centimeters from the beginning of the page to the mark of the longest finger. Add 0.5 cm to that measurement and compare the resulting measurement with the table below.

no. cm
37 24.2
38 24.9
39 25.7

Some tips

Always check the measurement of both feet, many times we have one foot longer than the other.

Measure your feet in the evening. Throughout the day our feet swell from supporting our weight, that's why the afternoon is the best time to try on some shoes or measure our feet.